Things to come…

My name is Justin Franks and I am a web developer and database administrator from New Jersey.

This site will be focused on Linux server management (particularly CentOS and Debian, the two distributions I have the most experience with) and web development with PHP5, CakePHP, and WordPress.

Initial planned articles include guides targeted for the newcomer on setting up and securing a VPS or dedicated server, installing Apache/nginx, MySQL, and PHP, setting up a mail server with virtual users and automatic spam/virus protection, and getting WordPress sites and CakePHP apps running well, even with the limited resources of an entry-level VPS.

I will also include, from time to time, posts about my two main hobbies, photography and firearms. It might seem strange that a computer programmer from New Jersey is “into guns”, which is one of the reasons why I will be including my thoughts on the subject, including how (and why) I made the transition from staunch gun control supporter to legal firearms owner and Second Amendment supporter in the¬†decidedly¬†anti-gun state of New Jersey.

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